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How it Works

How it Works: FAQ

Biofabrik WASTX

The Biofabrik WASTX operation system transforms waste plastics such as multi-layer films into high quality, energetically usable products. One unit has the capability to process up to 1000kgs of such plastics per day.

PROCESS – How Does It Work?

1. The plastic waste must first be shredded so it can be consistently fed into the process.

2.  Once fed into the day silo, in which the material is temporarily stored, the system automatically draws the material for processing.

3.  A uniquely designed corkscrew conveyor transports the plastic waste into the reactor and breaks it down.

4.  In the reactor itself, the material is split at high temperatures.

5.  The pyrolysis process shortens the long hydrocarbon chains of the plastic and creates an oil vapour.

6.  This oil vapour flows into the subsequent condensation stages, where it becomes liquid again.

7.  The achieved products are simply stored in sealed containment and used locally and internationally. 

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How it Works: Text
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